open leaf press review

spilling wisteria 

cataract racemes

purple the dew


spring morning

sunlight reveals

a new grey hair


dove feathers

the unseen hooks

that bind us

John hawkhead

Volatile market

for my basket of stocks,

I’ve got insomnia.


new generative

term for me: Sprinkle’s a quite

small baby shower.

Gerard Sarnat

the baffling cat's  eye-

star dust falling

in the meek calyx

Paweł Markiewicz

the machine stretch

running towards destruction

in a broken world.

linda m. crate

royal servants

fading in the background

snow-covered trees

the wind

around canopies of trees

whining whales

Nay Lorie Lolie

apartment d - 208

the missing song

of sparrows

last images 

of spring

unturned page


a new home;

the crab explores

after ebb tide

Randall Herman


strays stretch 

in shop fronts

First long trip...

fresh jasmine garland 

on dashboard deity

Joe Sebastian

golden lily pad

floating on the dark pond

the moon

Shane Huey


on honeysuckle,

storm about to break

bending into winter blast

wind whips

beneath the skin

robin alert

mud squirms

worm contortions

John grey